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Questions answered to keep you moving, examples for clarity, and coaching from my candidates to help you be  SUCCESSFUL while tackling your NBPTS certification or National Board MOC renewal.

No more vague answers or the standard answer, "read your directions." The Video on Demand Library is your ticket to getting specific questions answered to save you time while working your National Board for Professional Teaching Standards portfolio.

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No more waiting to get a vague answer on Facebook!

The Video on Demand Library is loaded with coaching videos, examples, and candidate questions answered! This collection will help you put the pieces together with this every growing, 100+ video collection to speed you along and answer your questions during your NBPTS journey! It is like putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Initial Certification Candidates

Renewal MOC Candidates

Initial Candidates Video Library

Topics currently include:

Component 2-Includes overviews as well as questions from candidates in the past about C2. Differentiation is Key for C2. *C2 is very unique for each certificate area. There may or may not be content specific videos in your certification area for C2.

Component 3-How to gather and analyze information for filming, small group and whole group, rationales, and many group coaching moments around Component 3, and much more.

Component 4- Loaded with information on formative and summative assessment, Knowledge of Students, and lots of coaching videos from past Group Coaching Sessions.

General Information-Including general overview questions, how to lesson plan and implement in the classroom, Architecture of accomplished teaching and many other topics  

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Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Video Library

Topics currently include:

Component 1- Is my PGE good, how to integrate standards, milestones, working to write your PGEs from focused swim lanes,  PGE ideas, Coaching through Component 1, the good and the bad, as well as overall planning support and more.

Component 2 -Segmenting videos vs straight 10 minutes, equity inside your lesson, linking component 1 lesson to video, video planing, and more.

Evidence- Formatting evidence, weak vs strong evidence, letters, are certificates okay to use as evidence, what evidence looks like in your PGE and more.

General Information- Discusses many topics including being out of initial certification, alignment to the 5 Core Propositions, Architecture of Accomplished Teaching and more.

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Looking for Other Support Options?

I have initial courses for the NBPTS Component 3 and Component 4, and Maintenance of Certification (MOC) programs that will walk you through from start to finish. You are a busy teacher, so don't let confusion, worry, and doubt slow you down! Invest in yourself and commit to become or maintain your status as a National Board Certified Teacher.

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