Worried about your NBPTS MOC Video?


You have enough to focus on, let my team take that stress away.

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    • Cutting your video
    • Splicing segments together
    • Compressing your video
    • Ensure it is in the correct format to submit to NBPTS.
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Don't struggle with video editing and technology!

NOT RENEWING is not an option due to a video technicality...

I have a fantastic tech team that will help you with formatting your video and putting it all together in the correct format, so that when it comes to uploading it to the NBPTS there will not be any any issues due to the size, format, or other technicalities that have caused some candidates to not renew in the past.

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Technology not your thing.... I have you covered!!!

My tech team has helped cut, splice, compress, and format hundreds of videos for candidates to upload to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) and would love to help you take the stress and worry out of the process. Don't let a technicality keep you from renewing your certification!

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Sign up for the Video Editing Tech Pack and complete the steps required within the on-boarding platform. My team walks you through step-by-step on what to do and how to get everything over to us.

Upload your videos to your own personal file that my team sends over and select the times you want. You don't have to worry about format or anything like that, my team handles all of that for you!

That's it, you are DONE! Let my team work their magic on your video. Within a week (typically two or three days) you will receive an email with a link to your folder with your final edited, compressed, and complete video ready to submit to NBPTS.

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