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Tracey Bryant Stuckey's Affiliate Program

Tracey Bryant Stuckey's Affiliate Program for NBPTS Support

Earn up to 15% commission on each affiliate sale.

Help your candidates take a first class flight through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Process.

It's as easy as 1-2-3 to qualify to be part of Tracey Bryant Stuckey's Affiliate Program. Here are the three qualifications you must meet:

  1. Be a National Board Certified Teacher.
  2. Be working with candidates as a Candidate Support Provider, within your local or state education entity, or be providing support to those outside your state from a variety of mediums including YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  3. Be a current member of Tracey's Tribe. This means you have  completed at least one full course in Initial certification (C3 or C4) with Tracey and/or the Renew Like a Pro Program for MOC.
Apply to join Tracey's Affiliate Program
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How to join the Affiliate Program

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Do you qualify to join the Affiliate Program?

To protect the NBPTS and, we require Affiliate Program members to meet certain criteria to be eligible for consideration into the program, including:

  1. Having a current certification with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.
  2. High level of support provided to candidates seeking or maintaining National Board Certification status.
  3. Membership in Tracey's Tribe, requiring that you have completed at least one of the following in entirety Component 3, Component 4, and/or Renew Like a Pro.
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Complete and submit an Affiliate Application

Simply complete the application and answer all of the questions to the best of your ability. Your responses  will be submitted for review and consideration. Upon receipt, your responses and existing relationship will be reviewed  by the Affiliate team. After review, a determination will be made within 14 business days. 

Upon submission of the application, users will agree and accept to agree all terms and conditions set forth by the Affiliate Program Agreement.



Submit your application

Promote, Invite, Support and Earn $$$

Once approved, you will receive an on-boarding email that will welcome you to the program and include two short steps: 

  1. Register your Official Affiliate Program account. This account will house your links to share to earn commission. These links will be specific and unique to you and only you! 
  2. Accept the link to securely complete your W-9 paperwork to be eligible to receive payouts on your commissions and the affiliate agreement.

You will then be set to begin sharing your first class ticket to NBPTS success with others and will earn $$$ for helping others.

Affiliate Program FAQs