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We all know that you have spent lots of money to renew ($1250.00) to NBPTS. There is no need to waste this by not renewing on the first attempt.

SAVE your money!

Why spend time reinventing the wheel? By organizing and planning your portfolio, you can turn 400 hours into 40 hours or less (Saves you 90% of time).

SAVE your sanity!

Are you trying to balance your class, lessons, family, children, life.....and MORE? Keep your sanity, while progressing through the NBPTS renewal process.

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"I needed help and a coach to keep me active in this mission to stay certified. I was hesitant because I didn’t think the help would be personalized or that I would feel motivated. I also was scared that it would be the same information that was already available online. But that was not the case at all I felt like I had a coach rooting for me, supporting me, and my questions were answered quickly. Tracey knew exactly every frustration and concern I had and is truly an expert in National Board Renewal. Her feedback kept me going from one component to the next. Renewal became a positive experience because of her help. It is exactly what every renewal candidate should experience through this process. "

Heather Byrd

"I participated in Mrs. Stuckey's initial NBPTS Coaching and NBPTS Renewal. She is AWESOME! She helped with unpacking standards, planning engaging lessons and producing high-quality documentation. She worked with me until the end and I would take her course again if it was needed! Honestly, she is a NBPTS Beast!"

Tawanna Grant

"Renew Like a Pro's systematic approach provided planning documents that helped me to organize my experiences, evidence, and reflections. The templates made it easy for me to be sure that I was providing clear, concise, and convincing evidence and that I was meeting the NBCT standards. Tracey was there to answer my questions, provide insight, and give advice when applicable. She provided timelines, check-ins, and positive feedback along the way that kept me on track and motivated. Her feedback always led to an elevation in the quality of my papers and gave me the confidence that I was needing to move on to the next one."

Jamie Dunn

"The zoom sessions and her comments on my components were the most helpful providing a dialogue to edit and make my documents as specific and detailed as possible. Tracey sees the 'big picture' and can immediately identify where to insert a strategy, how to meet a standard, and which artifact to insert to meet a specific standard that hasn’t been addressed."

Karen Fogo

"The writing for National Boards is so very specific and focused. The Renew Like a Pro Course helped me to sift through 9 years of teaching experiences to focus my writing on exactly what was being asked and to zero in on the most evidentiary skills. I know that I need an accountability source and a sounding board for the National Board Process. My current schedule does not allow me the time to go to a typical renewal group. Renew Like a Pro offered me support, accountability, and priceless advice for my renewal. I wholeheartedly recommend Tracey’s program for any teacher going through the renewal process. I will definitely use Tracey again for my next renewal! I will see you in 2030!"

Susan Holt

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