National Board Teacher Renewal

NBCT Renewal

Are you feeling:

Stressed?                         Overwhelmed?                  Confused?

No worries... Breathe! I am here to help:

Save your Money

We all know that you have spent lots of money to renew ($1250.00) to NBPTS. There is no need to waste this by not renewing on the first attempt.

Save your Time

Why spend time reinventing the wheel? By organizing and planning your portfolio, you can turn 400 hours into 40 hours or less (Saves you 90% of time).

Save your Sanity

Are you trying to balance your class, lessons, family, children, life.....and MORE? Keep your sanity, while progressing through the NBPTS renewal process.

"Tracey held me accountable and her course pacing supported me in completing each component in a timely manner. Renew Like a Pro helped me develop my overall story for component 1 and kept me focused on what a great teacher I am and how to write that effectively. I originally thought I would never be able to do this since I moved from teaching elementary school (initial certification) to middle school renewal. A win for me professionally and a win for my students!"

Janet Stuckey
Middle School Math

"I am a great teacher, but I struggled to ‘unpack’ what NBPTS wanted me to do. After attending Tracey’s live course during my first renewal experience, I confidently created my story through four PGEs and found evidence gathering plus video lesson planning to be a breeze. In fact, I completed the PPG process in less than 40 hours and very little stress with Tracey’s guidance and planning system."

Cheryl Brown

"I participated in Mrs. Stuckey's initial NBPTS Coaching and NBPTS Renewal. She is AWESOME! She helped with unpacking standards, planning engaging lessons and producing high-quality documentation. She worked with me until the end and I would take her course again if it was needed! Honestly, she is a NBPTS Beast!"

Tawanna Grant

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