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Tackle your NBPTS portfolio with a systematic approach
— and the support you need to submit confidently.

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Looking for the MOC Bootcamp? I have you covered...

MOC #GetItDone LIVE Bootcamp

February 2nd-4th, 2022 @ 8pm EST/5pm PST

This is the ultimate Professional Development for the Maintenance of Certification (MOC Process) that will get you moving and motivated to #GetItDone! The Live Bootcamp option includes the workbook, planning templates, a interactive community, and all you need to get started with the MOC process quickly within a LIVE group setting. (Sessions are recorded)

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No more second-guessing yourself.

You’ve done all the work to create a stellar portfolio. 
You just need someone to help you put all the pieces together…
That’s where I come in!

Lean on my experience

I’ve successfully renewed my NBPTS certification twice. Plus, as a former assessor, I know firsthand what makes a successful portfolio.

Reclaim your time

Why stress out for five months muddling through this process? As long as you’re keeping up with the program, your portfolio will be done with ease in less time!

Never work alone

I’m with you every step of the way. Program participants get quick start templates, private community collaboration group, and a 12 week cohort with bi-weekly live coaching with Q&As to bust through your roadblocks.

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#GetItDone Bootcamp

Self-Paced 30 Day Access

Energize and gear up for the NBCT renewal process.

Start to organize your achievements — includes our fan-favorite Sticky Note Party!

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"Tracey gave me the confidence I was needing."

“Renew Like a Pro’s systematic approach helped me to organize my experiences, evidence, and reflections. Tracey’s program walked me through each component step by step and … was there to answer my questions, provide insight, and give advice. She gave me the confidence that I was needing.” — Jamie D

You don’t have to do this alone.

As an NBCT, you’ve earned a spot among the best of the best educators.

But with your renewal date approaching, you may be feeling some self-doubt creeping in. Creating your portfolio is just one more thing on your plate — at a time when being a teacher is already asking for everything you’ve got.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not the only one. ...NBPTS renewal is a long and complicated process — I’ve been through it twice myself! — and there’s a lot at stake. But the stress surrounding this process shouldn’t stand in the way of your continued success as a teacher.

As a former NBPTS assessor, I’ve seen firsthand what makes a great portfolio. And I’ve used my experience to reverse engineer the renewal process and create a systematic approach to building a successful portfolio.

I’ve coached thousands of teachers just like you through their initial and renewal certification, including more than 200 since launching my online programs, in 2020.

In my program, I’ll share everything I know with you.

Just choose either renewal or initial/retake certification, then follow the program. I’ll be by your side with tips and to-dos. You will have the opportunity to sign up to see me LIVE in a group setting at least twice a month as you complete and submit your portfolio.

You’ve worked too hard and impacted too many students’ lives to second-guess yourself now. Regain your confidence and get back to focusing on what you’re passionate about — join me today.

3 Steps to a Confident Portfolio Submission

Sign Up

Become a program member in either the MOC Renew Like a Pro Cohort or one of the initial/retake Mastermind Classes for Components 3, and/or 4.

Get to Work

Initial Candidates will begin working through the self-guided program(s) of your choice with the option to add on bi-weekly group coaching in the Think Tank.

MOC Candidates will hit the ground running with the 12 week cohort, which includes bi-weekly group coaching during your cohort time frame.

Submit -- and succeed!

Submit your finished portfolio! No more second-guessing yourself while you wait for your score to come in.

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Renew Like a Pro:

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"The course gave me a structure and approach to completing my portfolio."

"The tables, charts, and activities really made the rubric clear! I could design activities and write to the rubric authentically rather than feeling like I was guessing at a target of MOC and National Board after the fact! Tracey's methods and design made the work much clearer and achievable."

— Beth O