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Renew Like a Pro

The tools and accountability you need to succeed


    • 12 Week Cohort with Tracey and her team, as well as peers to keep you on track and accountable.
    • Access to Tracey's step-by-step systematic approach full of examples and worksheets to guide you in the development of your award-winning portfolio. This will be completed during the cohort. (You will have access to the materials through the the 2023 scoring season.)
    • Homework hubs to privately post your work and get feedback from your cohort.
    • LIVE group coaching twice a month during your 12 week cohort and access to the recordings of these after your cohort ends.
    • By the end of your cohort, you should have your final portfolio, ready to be submitted to the NBPTS. 
    • Free 12 week access to the Video on Demand Library (loaded with coaching videos)
    • Ability to add additional support packages within the cohort including video editing/compression, one-on-one coaching meetings with Tracey, and a final read over of your entire portfolio.   

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*Make sure to sign up for the waiting list to be notified when open enrollment begins for the cohorts. Only 50 spots available for each cohort. Mark your calendar for the cohort date you are signing up for to stay focused, and complete your work in the 12 week time frame.

What you get when you join Renew Like a Pro

Zoom Coaching Calls

Meet up with your cohort on Zoom for group coaching and Q&A. Get feedback on what you’re working on in a nurturing, empowering and judgement-free environment!

Quick-Start Templates

Your cohort program comes with easy-to-use templates that takes the guesswork out of writing your portfolio. Using these templates will allow you quick and easy writing of your portfolio.

Cohort Homework Hub

You will have access to a cohort member's only area where you can post homework, a comments section to get feedback from cohort members in a private and safe place


The cohort comes a 12 week calendar, group coaching calls, weekly assignments, and a team and cohort ready to keep you on track. Treat this like a graduate class and put yourself first! #GetItDone

Get your confidence back & complete your renewal portfolio in as little as 8 weeks.

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The perks of being a V.I.T.

Our V.I.T. Renew Like a Pro add-on gives you direct access to Tracey — plus ongoing,
personalized feedback while you’re working and before you submit your portfolio.

Hear from Tracey herself on why every teacher should be a V.I.T.!

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  • Component 1- Is my PGE good, how to integrate standards, milestones, working to write your PGEs from focused swim lanes,  PGE ideas, and more.
  • Component 2 -Segmenting videos vs straight 10 minutes, equity inside your lesson, linking component 1 lesson to video, video planing, and more.
  • Evidence- Formatting evidence, weak vs strong evidence, letters, what evidence looks like in your PGE and more.
  • General Information- Discusses many topics including being out of initial certification, alignment to the 5 Core Propositions, and more.


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