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National Board MOC: Renew Like a Pro

NEVER WORK ALONE and your renewal portfolio for National Board Maintenance of Certification (MOC) can be complete in 12 weeks. Keep your standing as a National Board Certified Teacher!

Don’t start the renewal process alone. Take advantage of teacher coaching! National Board certification for teachers, as well as renewal, can be very involved. Tackle your NBPTS renewal with a systematic approach - and the support you need to submit your portfolio confidently. 


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Our MOC National Board Bootcamp is 100% the place you should start! It’s designed to get you familiar with the NB MOC process.

You’ll learn about everything from nuances of National Board MOC instructions to building an incredible portfolio. Track MOC milestones and stay on target with this bootcamp.

You can get moving quickly and develop momentum in your Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Journey. With our help, National Board certification renewal is in your grasp!

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Renew Like a Pro

The tools and accountability you need to succeed in the National Board teacher certification renewal process.


    • 12-Week Cohort with Tracey and her team, as well as peers to keep you on track and accountable throughout the National Board renewal process.
    • Access to Tracey's step-by-step systematic approach full of examples and worksheets to guide you in the development of your award-winning portfolio. This will be completed during the cohort (You will have access to the materials through the 2023 MOC program scoring season).
    • Homework hubs to privately post your work and get feedback from your cohort.
    • LIVE group coaching twice a month during your 12-week cohort and access to the recordings of these after your cohort ends.
    • By the end of your cohort, you should have your final portfolio, in line with National Board standards and ready to be submitted to the NBPTS. 
    • Free 12-week access to the Video on Demand Library (loaded with coaching videos).
    • Ability to add additional support packages within the cohort including video editing/compression, one-on-one coaching meetings with Tracey, and a final read-over of your entire portfolio.   

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Sept 26th- Dec 17st

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Cohort 4
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Cohort 1
$397 Single Payment
Cohort 2
$397 Single Payment
Cohort 3
$397 Single Payment
Cohort 4
$397 Single Payment

Take a look at the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Cohorts for 2022-2023. Only 50 spots are available for each cohort. Mark your calendar for the cohort date you are signing up for to stay focused, and complete your work in the 12-week time frame.

If you are interested in trying out the self paced Renew Like a Pro Course, we will be beta testing this program, please reach out and we will put you on the list when this releases early 2023. Reach out to [email protected]

What you get when you join Renew Like a Pro

Zoom Coaching Calls

Meet up with your National Board MOC cohort on Zoom for group coaching and Q&A. Get feedback on what you're working on in a nurturing, empowering, and judgment-free environment!

Quick-Start Templates

Your cohort program comes with easy-to-use templates that take the guesswork out of writing your portfolio. Using these templates leads to quick and easy writing of your portfolio. Spend more time focusing on the overall quality of your portfolio and less time on simply checking boxes.

Cohort Homework Hub

You will have access to a cohort member's only area where you can post homework. You can also access a comments section to get feedback from cohort members in a private and safe place. You and your fellow teachers will form a supportive community focused on National Board MOC success!


The cohort includes a 12-week calendar, group coaching calls, weekly assignments, and a team and cohort ready to keep you on track. Treat this like a graduate class and put yourself first! #GetItDone

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Video Library of Coaching Videos for the NBPTS MOC Process

Join the Video on Demand Library Membership

(only $67 monthly)

  • Component 1- Is my PGE good, how to integrate standards, milestones, working to write your PGEs from focused swim lanes,  PGE ideas, and more.
  • Component 2 -Segmenting videos vs straight 10 minutes, equity inside your lesson, linking component 1 lesson to video, video planing, and more.
  • Evidence- Formatting evidence, weak vs strong evidence, letters, what evidence looks like in your PGE and more.
  • General Information- Discusses many topics including being out of initial certification, alignment to the 5 Core Propositions, and more.


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Purchase your seat in the Renew Like a Pro Cohort to commit to #GetItDone! Live coaching sessions which include Q&A time, templates for writing with ease, and a private cohort community for sharing ideas and receiving feedback from others. 

2. Get to Work

Work alongside your cohort friends through a 12-week class that offers you specific tasks each week. This breaks the process into manageable pieces. You'll also enjoy an accountability coach from Team Tracey that will not let you lose your momentum or focus.

3. Submit - and succeed!

With just the right amount of accountability, you will have fun with this MOC process and be ready to submit your finished portfolio without fear of procrastination or failure. No more second-guessing yourself while you wait for your results to come in.

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