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Tracey Bryant Stuckey

I’m a success coach for teachers who dream of having a more student-centered teaching approach which will add more joy to teaching and learning.

Before social/emotional learning was a buzz word in our industry, I was tinkering with project-based learning design to encourage student-centered cooperative learning. I was building a classroom learning environment that supported a growth mindset and helped students use self-assessment to celebrate their successes and make a plan for their deficiencies - yes, even in kindergarten! It was important for me to help students see that education isn’t something that is done to you, but something that you actively participate in to improve one's overall understanding of the world we live in.

As the developer of The Teacher Buzz, I’m here to set you up for success in your classroom by helping you become a reflective practitioner that leads with student needs. I want to offer you strategies to bring joy back into your classroom (and your teacher's heart) plus support your beliefs that students can and should own their own learning.

I’m your biggest cheerleader and hope you will join me to create a vibrant community of teacher members that also have the confidence to use our voices to tackle important topics in education at the national level.


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