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Maryland is just shy of the top 10, ranking at number 11 in the nation in the number of NBCTs in the state. This number includes the number of renewal and initial candidates who are National Board Certified. 

The top districts in Maryland for National Board Certified Teachers within the National Board Network are:

  1. Montgomery County Public Schools

  2. Anne Arundel County

  3. Prince George's County

  4. Howard County Public Schools

  5. Carroll County Public Schools

Why seek National Board Certification in Maryland?

Becoming a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) in Maryland can offer a range of benefits for educators, students, and the education system as a whole.

Achieving National Board Certification is a highly esteemed accomplishment in the teaching profession. It demonstrates a teacher's commitment to excellence and a willingness to engage in rigorous self-reflection and professional development.

In terms of practical benefits, National Board Certification can lead to increased career opportunities and higher salaries. In Maryland, teachers who achieve National Board Certification are eligible for a $7,000 annual stipend in addition to their base salary. Additionally, some school districts offer salary increases or bonuses for National Board Certified Teachers, as we’ll discuss below.

Beyond individual benefits, national teacher certification for MD teachers can have a positive impact on the education system as a whole.

National Board Certified Teachers often serve as leaders and mentors within their schools and districts, sharing their knowledge and expertise in professional teaching standards with their colleagues. This can lead to improved teaching practices, increased collaboration among teachers, and ultimately better outcomes for student success.

Becoming a National Board Certified Teacher in Maryland can offer significant personal and professional benefits, while also contributing to the improvement of the education system and securing Maryland’s future.

What are the National Board Certified Teaching benefits in Maryland?

There are a number of incredible benefits to becoming an NBCT in Maryland. These range from salary increase stipends to credits toward continuing education or graduate school credentials.

Maryland NBCT Financial Incentives 

*New for 2023*             

National Board Certified Teachers in Maryland receive an annual $10,000 stipend. Those teachers who hold a National Board Certificate and teach in a designated high-need school, receive an additional annual National Board Certification stipend in Maryland of $7,000. This means the potential for up to a $17,000 a year bonus for teachers meeting both criteria.

State Recognition    

Maryland is one of the states recognizing National Board Certification because of this earns a minimum of 12 semester hours of approved graduate course work. NBCTs are granted an Advanced Professional Certificate, which is the highest certificate that Maryland offers.                     

Educational Credits               

As mentioned above, Maryland grants Continuing Education Unit equivalents to teachers who complete the National Board Certification process, as well as to teachers who achieve National Board Certification.

NBPTS Support Options

Many areas offer special Maryland National Board Certification support. If you are looking for support, make sure to reach out to your district to find out what offerings are available. Alternatively, you may want to work online through one of Tracey Bryant Stuckey's NBCT Professional Development Programs for Initial or NB MOC.

For Initial NBPTS Certification programs for Component 3 and Component 4 are offered. Maintenance of Certification candidates can check out, Renew Like a Pro. By the end of each of these step-by-step programs, you will have a completed National Board portfolio.

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