The Parking Lot!


To many of my readers, the idea of a parking lot is not a new strategy.  I’m sharing this idea with you as a professional organizational tool more than a classroom pedagogical tool for the sake of this blog entry.  

There is so much information that must flow from your brain to paper to complete the MOC Renewal portfolio for the National Board Certification for Teachers (NBCT).  This visual will be an asset for you to “park” your thoughts, ideas, and reflect daily.  It covers all the areas that most candidates feel overwhelmed in throughout the National Board Certification process.  Let’s unpack this document to see how it could help you.

  1. Questions – Each time you have a question about anything related to the process, park it in the upper left quadrant until you can get to your MOC renewal coach or into your NBCT support groups/cohorts.
  2. Like – Each time you “like” an idea that you believe fits within your story or choice of videotaped lesson/s, post the link in the upper right-hand quadrant until you have time to get back to it.
  3. A-HA moments – Each time you have that “aha moment” that comes out of nowhere, jot it down in the bottom left quadrant. The moments will always come to you when you are least expecting them and don’t have time to dive deeper into them.  Store the ideas here.
  4. Change – As you reflect on your practice during the National Board Certification for Teachers MOC renewal process, you will find many things you want to change. Unfortunately, you will have limited time while focused on the NBCT portfolio to make those changes.  To make sure you don’t forget about the change you desire, write it down in the bottom right quadrant.

I am a self-described “Post it Note” queen.  Therefore, I jot the notes on post-its and stick them in the appropriate quadrant until I have time to go back to them and act.  I love the feeling of being able to peel them off and throw them away as I take that action. 

I hope this strategy is one that you all find helpful.  Until we meet at this blog again… happy learning and growing!



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