NBPTS Maintenance of Certificate (MOC) versus Renewal Rubric


Well folks… we are entering into a new era!  It’s Maintenance of Certification time at the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and this means only one thing – many of you are probably nervous about the changes and wondering what may be in store for you through this new process.

For me, these changes are exciting!  After more than 20 years working with candidates (and the last ten years focusing exclusively on renewal candidates), I know how empowering the renewal process (and now Maintenance of Certification) is for a teacher’s professional development.  Oh, the things you learn about yourself and the new impacts you will make on student learning are amazing!

So, to help you on this journey I thought the best place to start would be to compare the old versus the new. As you all know, the rubric is your road map to success in the MOC process.  You meet the bullets... you maintain certification!  You do not meet the bullets; you do not maintain certification.  It is really that simple.   The old (Renewal) and the new (MOC) are really very similar.  Let us look at the two rubrics side by side.  NBPTS MOC Rubric Comparison Chart (Click the picture to download a copy)


In a nutshell, both rubrics are a dissected version of The Five Core Propositions and the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching presented by the NBPTS.  In addition, you will see that your certificate-specific standards are a pillar of the work you will submit during either process. So, there you have it… MOC is very much like RENEWAL, just a lot shorter, is much cheaper, and lasts for five years instead of ten. 

For those of you seeking coaching support or a systematic process for completing the Maintenance of Certification process visit me  MOC Renew Like a Pro Course at TraceyBryantStuckey.com.



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