Get off the Struggle Bus for the MOC Process


Actual Questions from the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Process

Respond to the following prompts for each of your PGEs.

    1.   Provide a context of the professional situation that indicates what relevant need(s) of students, the professional community, parents/guardians, and/or yourself you are addressing with your PGE.

    2.   Identify your PGE (e.g., provide a title), describe your PGE, and explain how your PGE demonstrates a response to the identified need(s).

    3.   In the context of your PGE, explain how you have acquired and deepened your certificate area–specific content knowledge and/or your pedagogical knowledge and skills to remain current, including use of research and/or use of other professional activities.

    4.   Analyze ways in which your PGE and related activities positively impacted student learning whether directly or indirectly.

    5.   Reflect on the PGE presented, including the steps, milestones, or goals you accomplished through this PGE, and changes, additions, and/or next steps that would enhance your professional growth in the future.

Respond to the following prompts for one or both of your PGEs.

6.  Describe how you have effectively integrated technology in your practice.

7.  Explain how you have ensured fairness and equity of access, and promoted appreciation of diversity among the students and the learning community.

8. Explain how your interaction with colleagues, other professional groups, parents, and/or community members has enhanced your professional growth.

9. In the broader context of your PGEs and your practice, analyze patterns or themes that have emerged that define you as an educator, as you reflect on your professional growth since certification.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards has provided 9 guiding questions for you to answer within the Maintenance of Certification process. These questions are divided into two parts. Numbers one through five must be answered in both PGEs and numbers six through nine only have to be answered in one of the two PGEs.

 Now this becomes extremely confusing for many teachers because it's awkward in that you are writing in the reflective voice on question number five, which usually comes at the end of your writing. In addition, if you look at numbers six through eight, you have probably already written about your involvement with colleagues/parents/administration/professional organizations/community organizations while answering numbers two and three.  This is also usually the case with discussing how your  practice is equitable and fair which is typically written about while unveiling how you’ve acquired and deepened content and pedagogy knowledge to impact student learning.  More often than not, a huge impact of your practice is equity and fairness.

 The big question is...

Do I have to answer the questions in order for the MOC process? 

 My simple answer to you is…

 No!  Get off that struggle bus and start writing your own STORY! 

 The most reader-friendly portfolios are those that don't respond to the questions in their specific order, but where the teacher tells a story that clearly, concisely, and convincingly shows depth and breadth in his/her professional growth and undeniably proves dynamic student impact. Writing about your professional growth through a story will better prove a milestone in your practice in the end.


Side note: I would answer #5 last on PGE 1 and #5 & #9 last on PGE 2.  

                  There is no need to answer #9 but on PGE 2.

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