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Skeletons in the Closet: Why Teachers Struggle to Build Classroom Communities

Oct 16, 2023

Blog 2 in my "Scary Trends in Education" I'll delve into a topic that's often left in the shadows: why teachers sometimes find it challenging to build strong classroom communities and truly understand their students on a deeper level. It's like unearthing the skeletons in the closet of education, so let's get digging.

1. Overloaded Curricula: One of the most prominent skeletons in this closet is the pressure teachers face to cover extensive curricula within a limited time-frame. The race to meet educational standards and prepare students for standardized tests often leaves little room for community-building activities or getting to know students beyond their academic capabilities. Sadly, more and more of these are becoming scripted curricula, which leaves the teacher with no voice to teach. Instead, they become puppets in a scripted play.

2. Large Class Sizes: Imagine trying to connect with 30, 40, or even 50 students in a single class! Large class sizes can be overwhelming, making...

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Tackling the Ghastly Teacher Attrition Crisis: Who Comes to the Rescue?

Oct 11, 2023

For the month of October, you will notice that my blogs will be a bit different than previous blogs and follow the "Scary Trends" in education topic.  This will be a fun way to "break the script" and cover some pretty scary, but relevant topics that affect us all as educators. Today, we're diving headfirst into a topic that has been haunting the hallways of schools across the nation - the ghastly teacher attrition crisis. But don't worry; it's not all gloom and doom... or is it?

The Spooky Situation

Picture this: You're in your high school math class, desperately trying to decipher the mysteries of algebra. But there's a twist. Your teacher is new this year, and she's already handed in her resignation letter. Yep, you heard it right - another teacher gone, leaving you and your classmates in the lurch.

The teacher attrition crisis is not just a local ghost story; it's a national nightmare. In recent years, the United States has been grappling with a teacher shortage crisis...

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