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You have spoken and I have listened. You want to be seen and heard. You want specific feedback on how well you are doing and what you can do better to bring more joy to teaching and learning. You know that your students must "do" to learn because learning is an active/verbal sport and you know that boredom or apathy is really just a sign of their brains wanting more. Through this safe and nurturing community, I promise we will grow bigger and glow brighter together!

Dr. Keisha Gains

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Milly Pena

Middle School

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Cheryl Brown


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It's important for teachers to depend on each other as sounding boards and support networks. Our safe & nurturing community will make these sessions productive & emotionally valuable.


Join Tracey LIVE (or recorded) for her highly engaging book club experience. She has a magical way of connecting these "life's what we make of it" books, both to your teacher role and your most important role - being a happy human!


Tracey answers members' questions about anything going on in their lives. We are so much more than just teachers! Tracey prides herself in being able to make lemonade from lemons. Ask away... She is all ears!

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Tracey will add resources such as planning templates, Dear Student, Dear Reading, Dear Math letter activities, formula sheets and more for developing a more student-centered classroom.

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Get FREE access to all PD workshops (LIVE and/or recorded formats). These workshops are on topics such as Building Classroom Community, Lesson Planning, Differentiation, Behavior and more!

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Listen to Tracey every Thursday as she breaks down strategies for how you can develop more self-love and joy in the teaching & learning process

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Enjoy 25% off Tracey's Signature Courses, like her NBPTS courses and Purposeful Play Based Kindergarten. More to come soon!


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If you always KNOW, then you can't possibly LEARN.

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I'm looking for people who are ready to explore how much fun teaching and learning can really be? Who do you know that wants to develop a student-centered classroom with love and joy being the central mission?


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