Tackle your National Board for Professional Teaching Standards portfolio with a systematic approach - and the support you need to submit confidently. My teacher professional development program can prepare you to earn, retake, or maintain your certification.

You know you can stand out as a truly exceptional educator when you earn National Board Certification as a teacher. I’ve been coaching teachers to earn this honor for decades — let me help you with your NBPTS certification and NBPTS renewal certification!

Mark Your Calendar and Join the Fun

These events will help you design Moments that Matter in your life and classroom. Your students will never forget how these moments made them feel and what they learned in the moments. And, you will be reinvigorated by them too!

We are growing... Are you ready to grow big with us?

Live Workshops (Also recorded for On-Demand viewing)

Choose from a variety of topics that meet your professional needs and the needs of your students. These workshops will transform your teaching & your learners' classroom experience.

Book Club Meetings inside The Buzz Club

Join Tracey LIVE (or recorded) for her highly engaging book club experience. She has a magical way of connecting these "life's what we make of it" books, both to your teacher role and your most important role - being a happy human!

Live Q & A & Teacher Talk with Tracey

Tracey answers members' questions about anything going on in their lives. We are so much more than just teachers! Tracey prides herself in being able to make lemonade from lemons. Ask away... She is all ears!

Ready to Bring Joy Back into Your Classroom?

Watch me coach you on how to implement these ideas.