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*NEW* Signature Course Purposeful Play Based Learning
NBPTS Workshops
a Personalized approach to Making learning engaging, impactful, and accessible

Tailored, Transformative, Small Investment



Ready, Set, Grow!

We will journey through  virtual learning experiences that allow you to grow at your own pace and with the topics that matter to you and the needs of your students.

This is NOT your average webinar... These highly engaging professional development workshops will allow you to add a plethora of tools and strategies to your tool bag that make teaching and learning easier and more joyful.

In addition, the workshops will support you in developing your diagnostic and reflective skills as a teacher.

As a bonus, the workshops are recorded and available for viewing as many times as you need.

Upcoming LIVE 

Professional Development Workshops

Joyful Learning: Transformative Growth Experiences

Toolkit with templates and strategies to put your new learning into practice


Highly engaging Live virtual workshop events that get you excited about your new learning and the growth your students will havE
Live Q & A at the end of each workshop & Goal Setting for putting the New learning into action



New for 2024-2025

Purposeful Play Based Learning

Signature Implementation Program

* District Tested & Approved

*Analyze how state/national learner standards fit into play and how to plan for the play to purposefully work toward their mastery. 

* Examine the four parts to a learning environment and how to make the classroom environment the 3rd teacher. 

* Rooted in research, be able  and apply authentic assessment to play-based activities in the classroom.

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