$97.00 USD

Component 1: Assessment Center Readiness

Learn how to Prepare a Study Guide

& Study Effectively 

Join Tracey Bryant Stuckey for this strategy-packed NBPTS  1-Day recording from the LIVE workshop!

Working Toward NBPTS Component 1 Success

    During this live workshop you will learn how to plan for and use:

  • How standards work in your responses to ensure you demonstrate knowledge of developmentally appropriate content across your full age band.
  • Practice scenarios for Constructed Response Items (CRIs). 
  • Resources to help you prepare for Selected Response Items (SRIs). 
  • Your scoring rubrics to achieve success in Component 1 (worth the most points of all components in the NBPTS process).

 The workshop will be recorded and accessible for 60 days after purchase.

BONUS: A Study Guide Template to demonstrate knowledge of and pedagogical practices for teaching in your content area.




IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that workshops and courses are very different in nature and each format has its own unique advantages and can be chosen based on the learner's goals, whether they seek a deep dive into a subject (course/program) or need to acquire specific skills in a shorter, more interactive setting (workshop). Workshops are ONLY available for 60 days after purchase.