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Developing Component 3 for Initial Candidates

Plan Video Lessons with Analytical & Reflective Value

Join Tracey Bryant Stuckey for this strategy-packed NBPTS two day workshop filled with content, strategies, and takeaways to use in your NBPTS Initial Component 3 portfolio.



Have access to the replay and all the resources used in the Workshop for 60 days!


 Working Toward NBPTS Initial Component 3 Success

During this 2-day workshop you will learn how to
plan for and use:

  • Goals to engage students in authentic learning activities that are clear, coherent, and connected in a sequence and structure that allow students to achieve them.
  • Learning environment to establish a safe, equitable, supportive, and challenging environment promoting self-directed learning and active participation.
  • Differentiated teaching strategies drawing on individual knowledge students’ diversity, prior knowledge, and developmental level in an appropriate, thought-provoking. flexible and innovative way promoting student impact.
  • Feedback through active student engagement which includes Student to Teacher, Teacher to Student and Student to Student interactions.
  • Analysis of your practice including pedagogical decisions made before, during, and after instruction; Reflection to strategically improve your practice and the impact on student learning in the future.