$67.00 USD

Developing MOC Component 2:

Plan & Implement Your MOC Video Lesson

Join Tracey Bryant Stuckey for this strategy-packed NBPTS two day workshop filled with content, strategies, and takeaways to use in your MOC Component 2 Portfolio

Working Toward NBPTS MOC Component 2 Success

During this 2-day workshop you will learn how to
plan for and use:

  • Your content-based PGE to showcase impact on student learning. 
  • Goals from your state learning standards and NBPTS standards for planning and writing your lesson.
  • The Learning Environment to ensure a lesson that captures Student to Student, Student to Teacher, and Teacher to Student engagement  
  • Segments (up to 3) or a Single 10 minute video clip and how editing works in the Maintenance of Certification process.
  • Equity, Fairness and/or Diversity within your videotaped lesson so it is clear and easy to find by the assessor.
  • Analytical and Reflective writing to meet the rubric bullet points that connect to Component 2 of the Maintenance of Certification process.

The workshop will be available for 60 days after the date of your purchase.




IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that workshops and courses are very different in nature and each format has its own unique advantages and can be chosen based on the learner's goals, whether they seek a deep dive into a subject (course/program) or need to acquire specific skills in a shorter, more interactive setting (workshop). Workshops are ONLY available for 60 days after purchase.