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Create a Plan for Initial Component 2

Create a Plan to Differentiate Instruction 

Join Tracey Bryant Stuckey for this strategy-packed NBPTS two day workshop filled with content, strategies, and takeaways to use in your NBPTS Initial Component 2 portfolio.

 Working Toward NBPTS Component 2 Success

In this 2-day workshop you will learn how to plan for & use:

    • The design and implementation of an instructional sequence.
    • Big ideas in instruction to expand students’ understanding. 
    • Description, analysis, and evaluation of student work focusing on differentiation and knowledge of students.
    • Assessment to differentiate instruction for individual students.
    • Inferences to draw conclusions on students’ performance and how it will affect your future instructional plans and goals.
    • Analysis and reflection to make connections between instructional goals, instructional activities, and how students’ understand differently to refine your future instruction.

The workshop will be available for 60 days after the date of your purchase.