Where am I at in the Process?

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2020

Here we sit in the middle of the longest renewal season in the history of the National Board for Professional Teaching.  In fact, the 2019-2020 season will actually last for one year and eight months.  And I’m sure this has many of you who took the opportunity to defer to an October submission or a May 2021 submission wondering, “Where am I in the process?” 

I started off strong in the winter of 2020 and then BAM… Covid-19 turned my world upside down.  I was too overwhelmed with the transition to virtual instruction to think about renewal. 

You are asking yourself:

  1. Do I really need a course to help me since I have completed over half of the process before I chose to defer?
  2. Do I really need a coach when I do not even know what my questions are?
  3. Do I have the time or energy to redo (tweak) what I have already accomplished in this renewal process?
  4. Do I think I can submit this renewal portfolio by October 2020 or May 2021 when my school will continue with the virtual learning track? – I NEED a PHYSICAL classroom and students live in that classroom to get this done right!

I’m here to tell you that Renew Like a Pro and/or my coaching services will:

  • Get you focused to work at a faster pace
  • Support your confidence in the product you turn in
  • Provide you clarity over what the process wants you do
  • Make you successful with writing in a clear, concise, and convincing manner

This program gives you the templates you need to make the decisions about your professional growth from the past 8-10 years. The decisions that directly relate to the tool used by the assessors – the SCORING RUBRIC. 

You are able to clearly see whether you are on the right track and when you need my guidance to shift your thinking and writing in a different direction. 


I HAVE to achieve renewal on the first try!

And you will!  The program is self-paced, but the guidance you receive through the initial plan development with me and then weekly group coaching sessions are priceless elements to make this the best investment you have ever made in your professional development growth as a teacher. 

As a program participant, you will enjoy the Live Chat feature on my website and the comments section in each lesson of the course to ensure your train is still on the track and not derailed in a direction that will not favor you on the scoring rubric. 

At the end of the program I will have…

  • A completed PPG renewal portfolio that I am confident exceeds the scoring rubric for which it will be graded on. 
  •  I am enough! I can do this!  Time is infinite!
  • I need a guided road map that focuses me on what matters.
  • Templates to help me unpack the questions and make writing fluid and easy are my friend and not just more work.
  • A coach that is always helping to keep me accountable to the process and focused to finish on time is a dream.

Let your reasons NOT to join, become your reasons to join Renew Like a Pro!



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