National Board Certification support - Never Work Alone!


As an NBPTS candidate, you don’t have to work alone while you journey toward being among the best of the best educators in the U.S. and abroad. 

 But since you may work in a district that doesn’t provide adequate candidate support, you may be feeling some self doubt over whether you can actually do this creeping in. 

 Creating your NBPTS portfolio is just one more thing on your plate — at a time when being a teacher is already asking for everything you’ve got.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not the only one.

The NBPTS certification process is a long and complicated process — I’ve been through it and renewed certification twice myself! — and recent changes that included reducing candidate support have proven to add even more pressure to the process that should make you feel alive and accomplished as a teacher but instead causes anxiety. 

 But the stress surrounding this process shouldn’t stand in the way of your continued growth & success as a teacher, and you don't have to go through it alone.

 As a former NBPTS assessor, I’ve seen firsthand what makes a great portfolio.

And I’ve used my experience to completely reverse engineer the initial portfolio process.

 I’ve coached thousands of teachers just like you through their NBPTS certification, both initial/retake candidates and renewal candidates.

 In my program and video channel, I’ll share everything I know with you. We'll unpack the rubric,

and I'll show you how to lead from the rubric through my simple, systematic approach to building a successful portfolio.

SIGN UP: Choose your mastermind class by component and/or become a very important member of my video channel 

GET STARTED: Use my resources and support in our very own Facebook group to be successful at creating a portfolio with Just the Right Stuff and No Fluff for the National Board.

SUBMIT & SUCCEED: Submit your finished portfolio! No more second guessing

yourself while you wait for your score to come in.

Don't waste another moment feeling stressed over your journey through the initial or retake process of National Board Certification. 

You’ve worked too hard and impacted too many students’ lives to second guess yourself now.

Regain your confidence and prove to yourself that you are a National Board Certified Teacher!

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