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national board renewal Jul 17, 2020

There are many reasons why teachers going through the NBPTS Renewal or MOC process reach out for support:

  1. Templates or Examples
  2. Like-minded individuals to bounce ideas
  3. Support with reading components for clarity
  4. A guide on the side to ensure success

Whatever reason brought you to this place, you are in the right place for support.


While most teachers LOVE the Renew Like a Pro course because of the results they gain from the step by step process that makes it fast and easy, some teachers want more individualized attention with a direct line to me – the coach!  A direct line me, your guide on the side, means:

  • I read and advise through every component step by step
  • I am accessible through phone, one on one Zoom meetings, FB Messenger, text, and email at a moment’s notice.
  • My commitment of time and energy to you is unlimited.

Although becoming a VIT (Very Important Teacher) costs more, it is worth the investment if TIME is an issue for you.  The guidance you receive is much greater than that of just a course participant. Click here for more information on becoming a VIT.


You might be a teacher that is finished with the process or nearly finished and wants to make sure you have clarity within your PPG toward the rubric.  This is where my Read and Advise service comes in. Usually at the end of the process but sometimes after every component. 

You simply book an appointment to meet with me via a private Zoom meeting and at least 24 hours prior to the meeting you send whatever it is you want me to read and view.  Then, during the Zoom meeting I take the time to go over my comments and suggestions for growth toward meeting the rubric.  This might look like one session to read the entire PPG or a session after each component. Have it your way – it is completely up to you! For more information about the Read and Advise, click here.


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