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Meet Tracey, your Instructor

After working with 500+ candidates over the past 20 years and scoring the renewal process as an assessor, I have seen many teachers that share your frustrations and your mindset of confusion.

When looking for cohort support groups, many teachers are uncomfortable in sharing how “behind the eight ball” they feel after their initial certification.  I mean, seriously, it’s not like the NBPTS fairy has been watching over you and making sure you review those NBCT standards or reflect on a daily basis like you had to during the initial process. So just like many others…You feel like giving up!

Let that feeling pass and realize there is  support out there to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together to Renew Like a Pro. I will help coach the basic principles about how to unpack the rubric and the guiding questions, plus implement a systematic method to writing your PGEs into a story that dictates milestones. I promise you will be confident that your submission will be RENEWED.

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Get help, advice, and collaborate with other candidates going through the Maintenance of Certificate process. My coaching group will act as a cohort and is very informative, positive, and uplifting. We are all learning and growing as professional teachers.


"I am a great teacher, but I struggled to ‘unpack’ what NBPTS wanted me to do. After attending Tracey’s live course during my first renewal experience, I confidently created my story through four PGEs and found evidence gathering plus video lesson planning to be a breeze. In fact, I completed the PPG process in less than 40 hours and very little stress with Tracey’s guidance and planning system."

Cheryl Brown

"Tracey held me accountable and her course pacing supported me in completing each component in a timely manner. Renew Like a Pro helped me develop my overall story for component 1 and kept me focused on what a great teacher I am and how to write that effectively. I originally thought I would never be able to do this since I moved from teaching elementary school (initial certification) to middle school renewal. A win for me professionally and a win for my students!"

Janet Stuckey
Middle School Math

"Tracey is the National Board Guru! When I began working towards National Board certification several years ago, the School Counseling certificate was pretty new. I was hesitant to work with Tracy at first because I thought, “How can a teacher help me when my standards are so different?” Well, I was amazed! Tracy has a gift, and no matter what your area of expertise, she can and will guide you through it. She will cause you to think even deeper about what, why, and how you work with children and implement your standards. She made the renewal process a breeze as well. From selecting PGEs to getting the perfect video, Tracey’s guidance and planning system will ease your stress and save you time!"

Shand Altman
School Counseling

"When renewing my NBPTS this past spring, I turned to Tracey Stuckey and am so thankful that I did. Tracey is the ultimate professional and knows exactly how to help candidates achieve success. Our sessions were productive and informative as Tracey knows precisely what the National Board renewal process is looking for in candidates. Here suggestions and guidance were spot on and I passed the first time, thanks to her assistance. She breaks down the standards and helps candidates write in the NBPTS vernacular so that reviewers can easily find what they need as they assess one's work. The time spent with Tracey's program is well worth the investment. "

Downing Hudson
Middle School Social Studies

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